Troy Baxley
Troy Baxley
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About Troy Baxley
“Troy Baxley is a favorite among stand-ups” – The Onion

Twice a finalist at the prestigious HBO Comedy Festival, Troy Baxley is already well-known in comedy circles.

The best restaurants are those where chefs dine on their nights off. Troy Baxley is the comic that other comics, from open-mic’ers to top A-List comedians watch every chance they get. Letterman talent scout Eddie Brill calls himself a “huge Troy Baxley fan.” Word.

Others are catching on too. The Onion points out that “…only recently has [Baxley’s] weird brand of impish comedy started to penetrate the mainstream…” and from the way people turn out to see him every time he plays a gig.

Baxley’s act mirrors the thoughts and attention spans of America’s largest demographic: Lifetime “C” Students. A lifetime “C” student himself, Baxley knows a thing or two about overachievement by way of shortcuts. Remember that annoying kid in grade school who would always remind the teacher to assign homework? Well Baxley was the kid who heckled that kid; and he hasn’t stopped since.

Sometimes the best acts are the hardest to describe. How do you describe a comic who goes on a five minute love-rant about his girlfriend’s beautiful jacked up buck teeth, then waxes poetic about a side-street meat-jones trying to get some cross-town she-hobo? Hilarious.

Don’t worry, he doesn’t know what it means either, but that’s half the point, and why the Las Vegas Sun said “Don’t let the rational and mild mannered shell fool you, Baxley can get as twisted as they come.”

You simply have to see it firsthand to get the slightest idea of what is going on inside his insanely-funny mind. And people see him again and again. Everywhere he performs, fans return, requesting their favorite bits – which are constantly changing and evolving from the last time they saw Troy Baxley “kickin’ it street.”