Devin Henderson Family Comedy Show

Devin Henderson Family Comedy Show


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About Devin Henderson Family Comedy Show


Clean Comedian Devin Henderson tricks out his stand-up act with illusion, song, soccer freestyle and a positive message. A native and resident of Kansas City, Devin performs for corporations, trade associations, college campuses and churches nationwide and is an international sensation because of that one show in Canada. He has many local morning TV show appearances to his credit and has opened for comedians Sinbad and Mike Birbiglia.

Devin’s top values are faith, family, friends and fitness, in that order. A family studies degree from Kansas State University and a sense of humor both explain Devin’s 9 years of marital survival despite a litter of 4 girls. Comedy writes itself for a man living with 5 females. From texting typos to backseat slap-fights to bedtime drama, the material never runs dry. This family- friendly show is perfect for group outings and fun for all ages!

"Dude, that was unreal!" Mike Birbiglia, Comedian

Comedian. Innovator. Recovering Magician.