Kevin Pollak
Kevin Pollak
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About Kevin Pollak
THIS IS A SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT-NO PASSES WILL BE ACCEPTEDKevin Pollak has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his range of both dramatic and comedic roles. Over the past two decades, he has appeared in over sixty films, as well as countless television projects, and has established himself as one of the few stand-up comedians to have a successful dramatic film career. In addition to his acting talents, he has also proven himself as both a writer and producer.In 2008, Pollak co-starred with Matthew Perry, in the indie, dark comedy film "Numb," as well as co-starring with Ashley Tisdale in "Picture This," and also "Tortured," with Laurence Fishburn and Cole Hauser, and co-starred in the Indie Horror film "Otis".As a producer, Kevin is working on the film version of the New York Times Bestseller "Three Nights In August," written by Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger ("Friday N
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