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About Cedric The Entertainer

* Dinner package includes a side salad, any entree on the menu, a non-alcoholic drink, a reserved seat in the front section, tax & gratuity.

Charismatic actor/ comedian CEDRIC "THE ENTERTAINER" is best known for
his many crowd-pleasing performances in such hit films as BARBERSHOP, BE COOL
(with JohnTravolta), the top-ranking MADAGASCAR animated franchise, INTOLERABLE CRUELTY(with George Clooney), JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION (the 2004 box office hit in which Cedric was both star and producer), and THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY (MTV’S phenomenally successful documentary feature directed by Spike Lee), to
name a few.

Additionally, on the big screen, Cedric was most recently seen co-starring along with
Marlon Wayans in the box office hits A HAUNTED HOUSE (2013) and the sequel, A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 -- (sequel released April 18, 2014); Currently, Cedric can be heard lending his voice to Disney's animated hit PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE (released July 18, 2014). He will next be seen co-starring opposite Chris Rock in the comedy feature TOP FIVE (December 2014 release).

The multi-talented funny-man has also starred opposite Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks in the comedy feature LARRY CROWNE; as well as
shared the marquee in CADILLAC RECORDS with Adrien Brody and Beyonce Knowles;
STREET KINGS opposite Keanu Reeves ; WELCOME HOME ROSCOE JENKINS with Martin Lawrence; TALKTO ME starring Don Cheadle; CODENAME: THE CLEANER opposite Lucy Liu; THE HONEYMOONERS (in which he starred as Jackie Gleason’s famed character
“Ralph Cramden”-- with thumbs up from Roger Ebert); LEMONY SNICKET with Jim
Carrey; MANOF THE HOUSE with Tommy
Goldberg; SERVING SARA with Matthew Perry; as well as displaying tremendous vocal talent in the family features MADAGASCAR 2, CHARLOTTE’S WEB, DR. DOLITTLE 2
and ICE AGE, DISNEY’S PLANES , and (as mentioned earlier) the sequel, PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE.

Marking a great career highlight in television, on March 20, 2013, Cedric was named the new host of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” joining the long-running iconic game show in its 12th season in national syndication. Cedric replaced Meredith Vieira, who launched the weekday version of the game show in 2002 and remained host for 11 seasons through 2013. Cedric agreed to host for 1 season through August 2014, moving on to other projects on his non-stop busy schedule.
Cedric's universal appeal, versatility, and tremendous career successes spanning television, live performances, and film have solidified his standing as one of the premier entertainers in the world.

In July 2006, Cedric's first-ever HBO Comedy Special, "Cedric The Entertainer:
Taking You Higher", was the highest rated special of that year for the network.

In November 2008, Cedric made his Broadway debut in David Mamet’s masterpiece “American Buffalo”...His performance was singled out for critical praise.

As for more big screen credits, in 2012 Cedric enjoyed revisiting his co-starring role in the DreamWorks Animation box office winner
MADAGASCAR 3:EUROPE's MOST WANTED. As a regular cast member of the mega-hit
franchise, he once again lent his voice as "Maurice (the lemur)". During that time, Cedric also starred along with JASON BIGGS
in the political drama "GRASS ROOTS" directed by Steven Gyllenhaal ; as well as made a fun & brief featured appearance with Christina Ricci in the romantic comedy"ALL's FAIRE IN LOVE: Romance Has a Renaissance”.

Later that same year, in June 2012, Cedric's new comedy series "The Soul Man"debuted. It is a spin-off of "Hot in Cleveland" based on the funny quirky character "Reverend Boyce 'The Voice' Ballentine" a former R&B music
star turned minister that Cedric portrayed on the hit "Hot" series. Popular comedic actress Niecy Nash shares the spotlight on the hit sitcom co-starring as his wife "Lolli". "The Soul Man" is created by Cedric and Suzanne Martin ("Hot in Cleveland"). The show is currently celebrating its fourth season. Tag line:
"He goes from Singing Soul to Saving Souls" (airs Wednesdays 10:30pmET/PT on TV

In 2014, Cedric will launch yet another exciting innovative project for the small screen serving as Host and Executive Producer of CEDRIC'S BARBER BATTLE, an all-new, half-hour reality competition series which will premiere later this year (possibly early next year) on The CW. Episodes will blend craft with comedy and will feature a winner each week as the most talented barbers across the country -- from the Bronx to
the ‘burbs -- compete with their clippers to showcase their astonishing artistic designs in hopes of being heralded as the winning creator of the best “crowns” in town. (Mark Efman -- “Charlemagne & Friends,” “A&E Biographies” --
Shares executive producing duties with Cedric on the new show).

Celebrated for his outstanding work over the years, some notable career accolades for the multi-talented funny man include: Nabbing
Television series “CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER PRESENTS…”; a record-breaking (4)
consecutive NAACP Image Awards for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy
Series” for his portrayal of the lovable “Coach Cedric Robinson” on the WB’s #1-rated
“The Steve Harvey Show”, which ran for six seasons. His first comedy book,
Grown-Ass Man, was released in January of 2002 and sold out across the country. In
2001, a viewing audience of over 144 million saw Cedric star in the Bud Light
commercial that landed in the #1 spot during the Super Bowl broadcast (subsequently, USA Today dubbed him “Madison Avenue’s Most Valuable Player”). And, in 1994, Cedric received THE RICHARD PRYOR COMIC OF THE YEAR AWARD from Black Entertainment Television for his ground-breaking work as host of Def Comedy Jam and BET’s Comic View (1994-95)

Now helming his own production company, A BIRD AND A BEAR ENTERTAINMENT, Cedric develops and produces feature films ("Johnson Family Vacation" was the first under the banner).

In 2009, he made his directorial debut overseeing the dance-film spoof
"Dance Fu" starring rising comic actor Kel Mitchell released on DVD October 4,

The 2011 launch of his WHOCed designer hat line marks yet another facet
of the busy and creative comedy star.

As a philanthropist, Cedric founded THE CEDRIC ‘THE ENTERTAINER CHARITABLE
FOUNDATION which provides college scholarships and outreach programs to
Enhance the lives of inner-city youth and their families in his hometown of St. Louis,Missouri. Cedric has awarded hundreds of scholarships and countless incentives through his foundation. He plans to extend the organization nationally.