Phil Palisoul

Phil Palisoul


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About Phil Palisoul

When you hear about comedian Phil Palisoul, one word often comes to mind - Who? Well, the answer is, Phil Palisoul is probably the funniest guy you haven’t heard of. Yet.

In spite of having over two dozen television appearances including, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, A&E’s Carolines Comedy Hour, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing, as well as appearances on sitcoms and even a music video, somehow Phil manages to stay just under the comedy radar. But, for those who have been lucky enough to catch Phil’s act, their sides may still be hurting from the laughter. (This is most likely for those who may have seen him last night - or are susceptible to tender sides in the first place.)

The cause of this is simple - Phil is side splittingly funny. Don’t just take his word and the word of this promotional screed, read what others have said about him. Daily Variety said, "Phil’s act is sparkling!" The Denver Post called him "a laugh riot crowd-pleaser." Mathew Berry, also known as the Talented Mister Roto, ESPN’s senior fantasy sports editor, said of Phil on his blog: "A guy no one has ever heard of but is a friend of mine and is absolutely hilarious -- if he ever comes to your local comedy club his name is Phil Palisoul. Truly hysterical."

And just get a load of this: "Phil Palisoul -- he''s got a weird delivery, selfdeprecating, and the crowd loves him!" This is from somebody who saw Phil on Last Comic Standing for about 30 seconds. So, if you don’t trust Daily Variety, the Denver Post, or a friend of Phil’s who works for ESPN, then for God’s sake take the word of a complete stranger for it.