Desi Banks & Friends

Desi Banks & Friends


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About Desi Banks & Friends

Desi Banks is an Atlanta comedian, actor, and writer that is known for his short videos showcasing his unique characters.
You might know him for his characters: Lil Johnny, Keisha, Grandma Reesa, and Uncle Earl, but he’s also finding his way to the stage doing standup, as well as acting. From being featured in movies like, ‘Little’ and ‘Love by Chance’ alongside Terri J. Vaughn and Issa Rae. And, collaborating with Wild N’ Out star, B. Simone to create unremitting content; he’s always working.

With a Youtube Channel accumulating 20,967,859 views and counting, as well as an Instagram following of over 1 million, Desi Banks has managed to create a brand that has grown into a powerhouse of entertainment. If you want to catch Desi Banks in action, be sure to stay updated with his latest projects by following him on social media via @iamDesiBanks on Instagram, and @AmbitionBanks5 on Twitter.