World Cup Comedy Tour

World Cup Comedy Tour


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About World Cup Comedy Tour

The Total Soccer Show is a podcast, co-hosted, recorded and produced by Taylor Rockwell (American, beard, left) and Daryl Grove (English, glasses, right).

We record in our studio in Richmond, Virginia. The show is focused on analyzing soccer and explaining how and why things happen on and off the field. Our major focus is the US Men's National Team, but we also discuss the Champions League, the Premier League, Major League Soccer and plenty more.

We started in 2009 on public radio station WRIR 97.3 FM, where we learned the basics of audio production and how to structure a show. We've since grown to be one of the most-listened-to soccer podcasts in the United States, reaching a sizable national audience.

TSS is our full-time job, but we also do some freelance work on the side. The show remains completely independent, supported by listeners, who contribute financially by joining the Total Soccer Show Scouting Network, as well as by advertisers, many of whom have made long-term commitments to the show.

Five additional co-hosts have contributed along the way, and the show wouldn’t have survived without the talents of Albert Ottati, Josh Stankus, Peyton Siddall, Laura Coutts, and Ryan Heins.

Want to get in touch? Visit our contact page to leave us some feedback or ask us a question.

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