Doug Thompson "Family Friendly Hypnosis"

Doug Thompson


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About Doug Thompson "Family Friendly Hypnosis"

Doug Thompson is an amazing comedian and hypnotist which merges comedy, impressions, and his quit wit into a show that will leave you talking about it more months. Doug keeps his shows family friendly due to the large amount of Corporate events and Colleges he works with. When asked about if volunteers on his show should be worried about coming on stage his response was simply ” I treat the volunteers on stage the way I would want my wife and daughters treated, with respect and dignity! ” That is why Doug has become one of the most requested in the nation for Corporate events, Colleges and High Schools.

ESPN selected him to be a Bowl Game entertainer for teams at the Compass Bowl in Birmingham, AL. Finding away to make people forget about the stresses of life and laugh through his 75 to 90 minute show is what DougT lives for.

You are looking for quality hypnotic entertainment for your next event and you want to know that you are getting the best! Great entertainment is hard to find and just like bands or magicians you have the good, the bad, and the terrible. You know you want the best in hypnotic talent for your event and you want to know that when you spend your hard earned dollars on a hypnotist that you get the real thing! You won’t go wrong with Doug Thompson!